Signs he’s cheating in a long distance relationship

A cheating boyfriend or girlfriend is the most feared outcome in a long distance relationship. Out of site, out of mind right? Temptation is all around and you are not there to fill that void. When your in a long distance relationship you can’t spend the quality time together that it takes to keep the fire going. You can’t do even the simplistic things like going to dinner or going to the grocery store together.

Let’s face it, long distance relationships are not easy and the shear thought of not knowing what the other person is doing all the time can play havoc with your emotions. So how can your really tell if your other half is cheating or if your just paranoid? What sign’s is he giving you to lead you to believe he is cheating?

Sign #1
Never Does What He Says He Is Going To Do -

The very first sign that your boyfriend is cheating on you would be when he stops doing what he tells you he is going to do. For instance, if he says that he will call you at a certain time and he doesn’t. If you start to see a consistent pattern of this happening. Then this is a good sign that he is not being completely honest with you. This doesn’t mean he is cheating, but it should definitely give you right to be concerned. There are some more things like saying he is driving or flying to meet you on a certain date, and he bails out. Is he giving you lame excuses when he tries to explain why he didn’t call or why he didn’t show up? If so, you have reason to be precarious.

Sign #2
Suddenly Says He Has To Work Overtime Or Work Late -

If your boyfriend claims he has to work late or work overtime and it’s happening on a regular basis, you may want to be concerned. Especially if he has never had to do it in the past. What has changed in his job description that has caused him to suddenly work overtime? Again, this doesn’t mean that he is cheating but it is a real good excuse to be worried.

cheating boyfriends

Sign #3
His Appearance -

Is your boyfriend suddenly wearing new clothes or paying closer attention to his appearance. This is probably the most obvious sign of cheating. He has already won you over and that why men tend to loose interest in dressing up or wearing nicer close. If this has change recently, then there is probably a good reason.

So there are 3 signs of him cheating whether you are in a long distance relationship or not. Of course, being away from each other it is much difficult to address these areas of concerns. But usually if your senses are telling you that something just isn’t feeling right, you are probably on to something.

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Chrissie Kirk


Chrissie is a romance enthusiast. She is passionate about helping couples deal with long distance relationships. She believes that any relationship can be saved if both parties are willing.



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